Queen Donair (Jasper Ave) – My Last Stop for this Last Stop

10752 Jasper Avenue
(780) 424-3129

After a night of great drinks and food followed by 3 hours of Russell Peters making every thing racist seem funny we decided to stop in to Queen Donair for our late night snack. Being from Fort McMurray it was a tradition to head to the closest Jomaa’s or Cosmos and get one of these amazing – yet simple – concoctions. We arrived to find the place surprisingly empty. Despite it being empty at just about bar close, it was still a fantastic mess. Every table was covered in the remnants of past customers. The bathroom was missing taps for the sink and even a cover for the toilet tank. Toilet paper was everywhere except on the roll. I expect late night places like this to be somewhat dirty, even very, but this was beyond usual or acceptable.

As is the tradition with fast food restaurants as of late, there was the usual tip option on the debit machine. A tip for a place where you order and pick-up your own food at the counter. I don’t think so – but I guess someone thinks they deserve something extra for doing so much less than expected.

The donairs came out, and they were decent. I say that in the best possible way. Being from Fort McMurray a good Queen Donair can’t stand up to a Jomaa’s donair. However, I think this was one of the worst I’ve had in a while – even compared to other donair shops.

This was usually my last stop of the night. Now I will have to find somewhere else to indulge in late night nastiness.

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  1. Scott
    July 28, 2013 9:12 pm #

    You should try the Pita Pit a couple blocks down on jasper. The food and service there always seem to bee above par and they are open till 4am on the weekends.

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