Pub 1905 – A Good Dive Bar

10525 Jasper Ave NW

While living downtown this place became our neighbourhood watering hole. Years later and living half the city away we still frequent this place.

The food is, and always has been, mediocre. The decor is nothing to brag about. The bathrooms are hardly the cleanest in the city. So why do we like this place? Because it is the least pretentious place in a downtown loaded with pretentious places. It is that nice place to grab a beer before a hockey game and still be close enough to the LRT without having to sit in stabby-ville (aka 118th Ave). If you aren’t going to the game they always have it playing on one of their many TV’s. No sports on that you like, well there is always pool.

The seats are comfortable, the beer is cold, and the food is edible. It is a place you can go into wearing a suit or joggers and no one will bat an eye.

The service, like the food, is mediocre. I don’t mind mediocre. In fact I prefer it during those times I want to go grab a pint and watch the game. Nothing like an over-attentive waiter constantly bothering you while you are trying to catch some hockey.

This place will be a hang-out for me for some time to come.

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