Wendy’s Location Boycott (198 Ordze Ave, Sherwood Park)

198 Ordze Ave  (Sherwood Park)
Strathcona County,AB T8B1M6
(780) 467-3924
Every so often we come across that one place that does something so horrible and so disgusting that we vow to never return. Unfortunately, there are people like myself who get lazy or forgetful and return – not realizing our mistake until it happens again. Well I found one of these places and despite not typically writing about the big chain fast food places, I decided this one was well worth it. In fact, I find this a perfect way to begin my “Boycott” category
Like most big chain fast food establishments I eat here when I am lacking time, or when I decide to pull a long night playing video games. Occasionally it is used as my own personal cure for the hang-over. With that, I am realistic and expect to get stale fries from time to time. I expect to get a dried burger patty, or bun, or both from time to time. I even expect to get a completely wrong order from time to time. I’m realistic that I am getting what I pay for, and at these places I am not paying a lot.
So my story begins about 5 months ago. While at the drive-thru ordering my usual – spicy chicken combo biggie sized with coke and a junior bacon cheeseburger – I was given some seriously stale fries. Fortunately, I always check the bag to make sure it is all there and always taste a french fry because stale fries are disgusting. I knocked on the window unsuccessfully for a few minutes. Finally on the third attempt I got the drive-thru ladies attention. I explained my fries were stale and asked if I could have some fresh ones. She told me they were fresh as if I was stupid enough to believe it. Just to make her as certain as I was I handed her a few fries from the top of the container. She walked away without saying anything. A couple minutes went by and an asian fellow, who I assume was the manager, came to the window and asked me what the problem was. I explained my fries were stale and I wanted some fresh ones. He explained that the lady told him they were freshly fried. So I handed him the container and told him to check for himself. He did reaching in and grabbed a few fries.
At this point a simple fix of making me some fresh fries is now a trial on whether these fries are in fact stale. The verdict came back and the manager agreed to re-make them. He asked me to pull around to the side and he would bring them out. He turned around and put them on the counter beside the heating area for fries. I thought that was a little odd so when I pulled around front I parked where I could see that container of fries. I waited five minutes and didn’t look away, sure enough he grabs that container of fries and puts it in a bag and brings it out. I stop him and explain what I seen. Of course he denies it completely. I grab a fry and sure enough it is now icy cold. I ask him if this is how fresh fries feel. Busted he tries blaming the fryer claiming it must be broken. He grabs the fries and rushes in telling me to wait.
Two minutes later he comes back out with burning hot fries. Unfortunately they were clearly double fried. Meaning he through my already stale fries back in the fryer for a couple of minutes to heat them up. At that point I decided I would cut my losses and just never come back.
Skip ahead 5 months and I forgot my earlier boycott at this place. In fact I was here a few times before I remembered. I finally remembered when I was checking my fries before leaving the drive-thru and found them to be stale. The moment I felt stale fries it clicked. I thought “oh crap, I boycotted this place”. I asked the lady at the window for some fresh fries and once again she argued that they were. Once again a manager came to the window. Once again they made me pull around to the side while I waited. This time the fries came out hot, but like the first time it was because they were double fried. For those who don’t know how to tell, it is really simple – the outside is overly crispy and the inside is almost completely hollow. You can usually shatter double fried fries rather than just breaking them.  I didn’t want to argue so I asked for my money back. I know it was only a couple bucks, but better than dealing with this again. My boycott was re-established and hopefully this blog will help me remember.
On that note, I would love to hear about your own personal boycotts. Send me a message or comment on this blog and let me know.
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